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If you are looking for a solution for anxiety or decreased mental focus, one of the solutions you may want to try is Phenibut. Lots of people experience chronic symptoms that Phenibut may be able to help. For example, decreased mental focus, memory loss and mental fatigue are all pretty common as people gets older. In addition, anxiety is one of the most common mental health symptoms. These are just a few of the benefits of Phenibut. In this review, we will be taking a close look at this drug so that you can decide whether or not you want to try it yourself. There has been a lot of information and discussion about this drug, but this in-depth review will help you determine whether it is right for you or not.

At the end of this brief write-up explaining what phenibut is and its side effects, we have included reviews (both positive and negative) from other sources to help you get a better grasp on whether or not this supplement is right for you. If you wish to only read 3rd party reviews, please scroll down to the bottom and skip this top part.

What is Phenibut?phenibut reviews

So, what is exactly is Phenibut? Phenibut is a class of drugs known as nootropics. These are basically enhancements for your mental health. They can assist with a variety of mental health symptoms, but the most common use of Phenibut is to improve current mental function. This is important in older people that may have reduced brain health, but it is also important for people that need enhanced brain function at a particular time – people that are at school and have a big exam coming up, people that have a particularly important work project that they are doing or others who could use a brain boost.

The Benefits of Nootropics

Nootropics have a number of benefits for brain health. One of the things that they do is enhance focus. It is easy to lose focus when you’re working on something that fails to keep your attention. People that have attention deficit disorder are particularly susceptible to this. However, Phenibut also helps with memory loss. Some people have really great memories and others need a little help. Phenibut can help with the temporary memory boost or improving overall memory long-term. Phenibut may also help your brain fire neurons in a more controlled manner which increases how quickly you can work. There may be other mental functions that Phenibut helps with as well.

Other Benefits of Phenibut

There are other benefits of Phenibut that you may want to be aware of as well. One of the major things that Phenibut is used for is combating anxiety. Anxiety is a serious mental health condition that is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Anxiety can make it more difficult to live life and raise stress levels which in turn can have damaging physiological effects such as increased blood pressure. Phenibut may also have benefits for sexual health and other mental health conditions such as depression and sleep disorders. In fact, Phenibut is one of the best drugs out there when it comes to safely combating insomnia.

How to Get Phenibut

Where do you get Phenibut? You can find it online; on lots of different websites. In fact, you can even get Phenibut on Amazon. However, you want to be aware that there is a difference between generic Phenibut and the brand name stuff. Obviously, the brand name is recommended because they were the ones that perfected the formula and have the highest quality ingredients. You are unlikely to find Phenibut in retail stores, but there may be a few specialty herbal or alternative health shops that carry it.

Dosage Recommendations

The dosage recommendations can vary depending upon where you look. Most experts recommend that you take between 250 and 500 milligrams of Phenibut per dose and that you do not take more than three doses per day. You should start small and see if it solves your problem before you move on to higher doses because you can build a tolerance for it rather quickly.

Cautions & Side Effects

There are some things to be aware of if you take too much. While Phenibut is almost completely safe if you stick to the recommended dosage, if you take too much than you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as sleep disorders, tremors and depression. Most experts recommend that you reduce your dosage of Phenibut gradually if you find yourself experiencing side effects and that you do not use it regularly. Phenibut is best used once in a while to get the antianxiety or brain health benefits.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Phenibut is one of the most effective treatments out there for treating anxiety and giving you a mental health boost like improved focus or enhanced brain power. It is perfectly legal almost everywhere and safer than most drugs. If you use it as recommended, Phenibut can have some major benefits and improve your mental health as well as help you once in a while when you need a brain boost. Just make sure to use it safely and are aware of the side effects.

Below, I’ve copy and pasted some reviews from other places on the web to give you guys a better idea of what Phenibut will do for you.

Positive Reviews

Some guy on Forum

On Saturday I tried Phenibut for the first time. I first came across the name in a post on this forum. There wasn’t a lot of information in this post. All it really said was that it could help you become more social…Intrigued, I googled it to see what it was all about. (A little history, it was developed by the Soviets for the cosmonauts to keep calm up in space.)

From what I found, Phenibut seemed very interesting. It’s a legal drug(or dietary supplement as its called on Amazon), supposedly safe and reportedly very effective. This seemed great to me. For quite some time, I had been looking for some kind of alternative to alcohol. I was fed up with it ruining the next day with a hangover. I was also fed up with messing up any gains I made in the gym ….But mostly, I was fed up with alcohol fucking my game up. All too often, I would start a night out strong only to get blown out after getting drunk and losing my wits. I had always wondered what it would be like to lose all inhibitions (like alcohol does), but still maintain a sharp mind (like alcohol doesn’t). Phenibut seemed to be very interesting indeed.

However before I made any decision, I did some research. Phenibut does have some pretty serious risks. For one, it is very addictive. Your body builds a tolerance to it very quickly. So over time you need to take more and more to get the same effect. And once your body gets hooked, you will go through what some describe as pretty severe withdrawal symptoms . Second, some users of Phenibut report having a “hangover” the next day (although this seems to vary between users)..and third, Phenibut intensely magnifies the effects of alcohol as they both affect the same brain receptors..

So after some brief consideration, I weighed the risks versus the rewards, and came to the conclusion that Phenibut was worth at least one try. I clicked the order button.

After the Phenibut arrived, I set aside a Saturday for a full day of gaming..both day and night.

As for the planned dosage, I saw a lot of conflicting information but the Good Looking Loser’s Phenibut guide seemed to have the best, most concise info. So I went with his recommendation. Here is a link to his guide:…ment-13208

My Experience

When Saturday came , I pretty much followed the instructions in the link above to a ‘t’. (Although he recommends taking the first dose on an empty stomach, I still ate a huge breakfast)
After about 2 hours, I started to feel the effect. Since I knew I was going to try some day-game, I was initially feeling some anxiety because I usually suck at it. However any apprehension that I may have had completely disappeared. I became, cool, collectedm and in a great mood. I left my house and proceeded to have one of the best day-game experiences that I’ve ever had (which I detailed in the approach thread).

Afterwards I went home and chilled for a few hours. My plan for the night was to meet some friends at a local pub. However before I went out, I took one more gram..(making 3 total for the day…)
When I got to the party, everyone was still sober and kind of calmly standing around as they normally do at the beginning of social events. Usually in such situations, it takes me a little while to socially acclimatize myself at, but today that was not necessary.. I was effortless able to engage everyone in conversation…I could feel the confidence within me surging.

Now, I won’t break down the entire evening blow for blow, but I will say this…, I felt that dude in the movie Limitless….. My mind was sharp, my confidence was high, and I just didn’t give a fuck. I without a doubt had the single most productive night of gaming that I’ve ever had..ever .. .An example of this: I was able to have a great night-long interaction with a German girl based mostly on strong eye-contact and kino. She spoke no English, and I speak only a little German. However I had escalated it to where I had my hands all over her…and she loved it. I had never, ever been able to make such good use of kino with a girl I had just met …especially when there was such a strong language barrier. But with Phenibut, I was fearless..and it gave me a little taste of what I am capable of..

Although it was against all the advice I read, I did drink a bit while on the Phenibut. Around 9pm I drank one Becks in the middle of the evening.. and two Guinness’ at the end, right before leaving. I could tell the alcohol seemed to have a stronger effect, but nothing too bad.
I made it home around 3am…however it was a little difficult to sleep. Partly because of the Red Bulls, but also partly because I was floored by what I had just done…It was one of those nights where afterwards, as you lie in bed … you are just kinda say to yourself “fuck yeah..that was a great night”

After Effects

The next morning, I was very surprised. I felt awesome….Not only did I have no hangover, but I was very well rested . It felt like the Phenibut was still working. I was in a good mood and did not feel any of the hangover symptoms described by other people… Actually some people reported feeling a pleasant “afterglow” instead of a hangover..and if I had to describe the feeling, I would say that is what it felt like.
However, I wouldn’t say that I walked away from the experience completely unscathed. Later that day I only had about a liter and half of beer, and I felt way drunker than I normally would have.. Also on Monday, and a bit on Tuesday, I felt something what could be described as “brain fog” or basically I had a really hard time focusing… Other people have reported anxiety..but I didn’t really get that..


So what’s my final verdict?? Definitely give Phenibut a try if you want to give your game a temporary boost . However be responsible about it. Don’t use much alcohol.(and be careful the next day as well) .. Don’t use it anymore than once a week, (or I would say preferably no more than once every 2 weeks). All of the horror stories that I have read seem to involve people who are retarded and abuse it (ie. Taking large doses continuously everyday). .So it seems that if you can be smart about it and avoid addiction, Phenibut can be a very, very beautiful thing.

Some guy on Forum

lets get this started. i felt the urge to party last night being that my last college semester is atrting tomorrow and i havent touched alcohol since new years. my main concern was feeling “messed up” with as little calories coming from alcohol as possible. that being said, i combined the following “party” stack:

2g phenibut
3 caps H.E.A.T.
1/8 tsp PEA

i took this approximately an hour before the festivities began. the hodenine in H.E.A.T. is necessary to make PEA orally active, or so ive heard. thats likely why you may read that people feel nothing from PEA.

EFFECTS: this seemed to have extreme synergy with alcohol. i felt extremely happy and euphoric after my first drink. havent felt as good as i did last night in a long time and im a happy person. i felt great all night long over 3 shots!!! that was awesome as i feel 3 shots will not set back my great progress ive been achieving in the gym. granted those shots were of 99 cherries (99 proof cherry schnaaps).

i gotta give this combo 2 thumbs up for those who wanna party and stay somewhat disciplined to the bodybuilding lifestyle. this is my recommendation to a safer/less damaging alternative. however, i wouldnt do this more than a couple times in a year (i drink maybe 4-5 nights a year).

Some guy on Forum

Hey guys, I recently ordered 100 grams of Phenibut from a company called Liftmode so I’ll share my review here.

When I opened the box it came in, the product was in good condition and it even came with a lab slip that certified the purity of the Phenibut as just about 100 % ( I forget the exact number). So overall I was initially pleased.

For those who don’t know, phenibut is a derivative of GABA that is designed to cross the blood brain barrier easier than GABA itself. This fact makes it much more potent and increases the
effects. Also, I’ve read that it is virtually identical in structure to GHB.

The effects: I tried 2.5 grams my first time using it and 4 grams my second time. Both times I took it in the morning on an empty stomach, which is generally what you’re supposed to do. It took a couple hours to kick in, but when it did, it was pretty cool. Any anxiety I had was significantly diminished, it’s almost comparable to being moderately drunk in terms of the anti-anxiety effects. I felt slight, slight euphoria as well but overall it was just a general sense of well being. Lifting was excellent on it as well. I didn’t feel stronger in the gym but I was busting out one or two more reps than usual. Later in the day after taking it and the well-beingness wears off, I just felt calm and relaxed. Falling asleep came really easily as well and the day after I felt calmer than usual. The only cautions I would have with this stuff is that you shouldn’t take it more than twice a week or two days in a row since tolerance builds rapidly and withdrawals can be terrible if it is abused.

Overall Rating: I would give this supplement a 8.5/10 for my needs and purposes. It did exactly what it promised to do: nothing more and nothing less. It gives me great focus and makes me feel soooo calm. When you’re on it it’s pretty hard to feel any anxiety which would make it great for stressful presentations, etc. My only complaint is that tolerance builds so fast. I also know that I’m getting a pure product since Liftmode includes the lab analysis for the batch with it.

Some guy on Forum

Did a lot of research on phenibut so far and I decided to take it real slow.
Tried 250mg yesterday on an empty stomach. Light dose, I know but I’m a small guy (135lbs) and I took it on an empty stomach so I wanted to see if it would have any effect.
I noticed I was happier yesterday than I normally am and I’m not usually a happy guy. Just to explain, I spent about an hour singing along to “Still into You” by Paramore. I had that shit on repeat. This is not normal for me lmao. I took a shower and couldn’t help but dance, once again I’m not normally like that.
I just felt happier than normal. Was a fun experience.
I felt slightly tired. Not enough to fall asleep on the spot but enough so that if I laid on my bed, I probably would.
When I did go to sleep, I slept for 10 hours when I normally only get 6-7 hours.
Overall, it’s good for raising the mood.

Some guy on Forum

Tried 1.5g and 200 mg of caffeine for the first time tonight and I think it works.

So what I did was take 1.5 g of Pheni on an empty stomach. I then ate something and took the caffeine afterwards. After 30 minutes I started to feel a bit jittery (it might have been the caffeine, I don’t consume much caffeine). I began to text some of my friends to see what was up. I either got no texts back at all or I had people tell me they weren’t doing anything.

This kind of ruined the mood for me and I began to act how I would when I’m depressed. So what I did was basically stay in a dark room and just think negative ****. Now here’s the thing, when that would happen I would just stay in, be depressed and go to sleep. But I noticed something interesting. After spending 1-2 hours in that dark room, I did not feel depressed. The negative thoughts/emotions were lingering, but what I primarily felt was a sense of calmness. Not only that, but I actually summoned the force to get out of my dark room and go out solo. I didn’t go out to approach or socialize, I just wanted to get out of my apartment.

Needless to say, actually going out was a victory in itself. I only went out for 20-30 minutes. Didn’t approach or anything, not because I was afraid. I simply did not care. I noticed that I was not self-conscious about anything (I’m self-conscious even when I’m with my friends). I’m a bit disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy this experience with others, but even though my night wasn’t really fun it sure was better than the last 2-3 weekends (I’ve been a sad kunt the last 2-3 weeks,but that’s a whole different story, mostly me being a lil bish). Hopefully I don’t wake up tomorrow more depressed than usual.

In my experience, Pheni makes you pretty mellow. Read my experience if you want to, if it’s tl/dr I understand.

Some guy on Forum

Tried 2.5-3g Phenibut +200mg caffeine first time last week, also drank alcohol with it so i didn’t really feel anything.

Decided to give it another try last saturday but this time with no alcohol and on a semi empty stomach.

Here’s what happened:

16:00 Ate 700calorie meal

20:30 Take first Phenibut shot with friend, i took about 3.5-4g at once and about 200-300mg caffeine

22:00 Didnt feel anything yet and were about to go to a friends house, decided to do 1 more shot before we leave, i took about 0.5g extra (So in total i had about 4.5g)

22:15 arrive at friends house with loud music, cant stop dancing/moving. Didn’t feel self conscious about myself or whatever, just did w/e i wanted and said whatever i wanted

01:00 Went to club, lets just say that out of the 5 hours we were inside i was dancing 4 hours and 59 minutes of them, must have burned a **** ton of calories too, the feeling was a bit like being drunk but without the “negative” effects srs, no dizzyness, speech perfectly normal, can think straight.

05:00 leave club, stand outside club with couple of friends still dancing to the music we hear inside the club, at this point security guard and police was actually laughing at us for still dancing, some people thought we were on x

05:30 drive home with friend, in the car i suddenly began feeling really nauseous and weak, dunno wtf happened here, i went from being 100% fine to a weak nauseous pekan pie pakkot.

06:00 home, go to bathroom, Peeing is REALLY HARD like wtf i had to pee really bad but it wouldn’t come out untill after 20 seconds or some ****, really weird feeling.

was feeling really nauseous at this time, mind you i ate only 700 calories about 12 hours ago and in the club i probably burned about 500-700 calories, i still had 100g protein left to eat atleast, already had chicken out the fridge but i was too psychically weak to make it, i was disorientated and felt like i had to puke so i decided to just grab some water and go to my bed…

in bed i fall asleep in 5 minutes, i had a really weird sleep, can’t really explain i woke up like a couple times in a relaxed state and then i thought “wtf i still have the penisbutt in my system” and then i felt sick again and fell asleep, happened like 3 times or so, weird ****..

Anyway after sleeping for about 10 hours i wake up, COMPLETELY DEHYDRATED, really wtf i never felt that dehydrated (is that even a sentence) my mouth was as dry as a sloots p uzi when jasen gjevani shows his sickening striations, i was kinda freaking out and grabbed the water that was next to me and drank the bottle, felt better after that.

still felt really nauseous and couldn’t eat untill 5 hours later or so, even when i could eat i was unable to get out of bed to actually make the food, asked my dad to make me food and after i ate that food i actually felt a lot better after 1/2 hours.

So i guess what i can learn from this experience is..

-Phenibut stays a very long time in your system, if you don’t feel it the first couple of hours then DONT take another shot or whatever because it might kick in later and hit you hard (like it did with me when i was in the car home probably)
-If you take it on a empty/semi empty stomach then only take 2.5-3g max
-If you ate a lot before that (2000cal +) i think 4-5g is doable
-Dont drink alcohol with it wont feel **** (me)

Negative Reviews

Some guy on Reddit says:

Do your research on Phenibut and take the advice of others very seriously. I read about how easy it is to build a tolerance and how bad the withdrawal can be beforehand, but like many idiots I thought that wouldn’t happen to me.

7 days on 4 grams/day later I quickly realised I’d become dependant and decided to go cold turkey. 3 days into withdrawal with literally no sleep, not being able to eat anything, severe depression/serious contemplation of suicide, loud tinnitus, pissing/****ting(barely anything) every 30 minutes and overall mild body pain I decided I’d have to taper off. Tapering was still difficult but it prevented the serious suicidal thoughts which I really needed. I eventually snapped out of it yesterday, which was about 10 days after the initial cessation.

Anyway, if you’re thinking of getting into it, follow experienced users’ guidelines; it’s definitely got a lot of value but must be respected.

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9 comments on “Phenibut Reviews
  1. Old Poor Richard says:

    Two positive reviews:

    I find Phenibut to be very effective as a sleep aid at 500 mg (113 kg body weight). Because daily use of Phenibut can lead to tolerance, I alternate Phenibut with Melatonin as a sleep aid. Melatonin also has tolerance issues, so I alternate two days in a row of 500 mg Phenibut 1 hr before bedtime with two days in a row of 6 or 9 mg of Melatonin 1 hr before bedtime. And if I’m drowsy at bedtime, I skip using a sleep aid. I consider my use as needed rather than a habit, though most nights I do need it, else I just lie there awake.

    I also find 250 mg or 500 mg or Phenibut effective to counteract my shyness in social situations. It has absolutely no intoxicating effect at all, it just counters anxiety and bolsters self-confidence.

    My wife, who has been diagnosed with social phobia and anxiety, enjoys excellent results with 250 mg dose (54 kg body weight). She is very pleased with Phenibut for reducing severe anticipatory anxiety and discomfort in social situations. It has the effectiveness of Hydroxyzine 10 mg, except with NO drowsiness or disassociation that comes from the Hydroxyzine, which was prescribed by her GP as needed for anxiety. She is a former benzodiazapine and alcohol addict who now uses no alcohol and takes no drugs except as needed. Neither Hydroxyzine nor Phenibut causes the trigger feeling towards relapse that a benzodiazapine would cause.

  2. David F says:

    The body self-regulates – if GABA is “added” to your system (and gets through the blood-brain barrier) it’s likely you’ll then produce less,
    like when you take thyroid medicine, your thyroid responds by secreting less.
    Anyone agree?

  3. Michelle says:

    Phenibut is the real deal. I do not, have not, and will most likely not again feel compelled to write a review. However, this works! I had an absolutely beautiful night is all regards and felt alive and happy and in a way that has always eluded me. I want everyone of those people who are sitting on the fence about this to take action! Now, I have only just yesterday received my first shipment so I will continue to update my experiences. I will say this though, I fully believe after last nights results that what others have said about addiction and withdrawals is a hundred percent true and with proceed with caution… Which is not my norm. Oh, btw I did have about 4 Coors Lights and it completely enhanced the affects. Love it!

  4. VirginiaSchlies says:

    I tried to take .6g no where near what you all take and could not stay awake. I cut back to .5 I would say the size of 1 rain of rice. aand feel very focused.I take it everyday. I have no idea how you take so much at once

  5. Matt says:

    I have taken Phenibut about every other day for about 2 months. I learned about it while researching anti-depressants and a random comment mentioned phenibut and nootropics. After googling it some more, I knew I had to try it after learning that it is in Russian astronauts’ emergency medical kit. Again, after googling some more, I found Liftmode to have the best deal. I am happy with the subtle and positive effects it has and would recommend others to try it.

  6. Marcus says:

    Phenibut is an awesome compound that does as advertised – reduce social anxiety and create a feeling of wellness and positivity. Like Matt, I did a lot of research on it and had to try it after discovering Russian astronauts have it in their emergency medical kits.

    I have used it now for about three months every other day. I use a few grams every dose, doing more will make you sleepy. However, it is definitely not a sedative if you stick to the recommended dosage (although I do slightly more :-0 ). It also gives you super vivid dreams, the most vivid I have ever experienced in my life.

    So, if you are on the fence about trying phenibut, I would personally recommend it. It has a lot of benefits with virtually no side-effects if you use it as recommended, and it is very cheap. I will say it gives you the runs if you do too much but that’s a fair price to pay haha. I also get mine from Liftmode and you can get a small amount for a few bucks if you are unsure.

  7. Blake says:

    I’m detoxing from 5 year sub treatment. I mostly take a small amount of Kratom through out the day. Well on day 10, one of the strongest most uncomfortable w/ds I tried 1.5 grams of phenibut and it helped so much. Even the next day wasn’t so bad. It’s not something I would do too often. But if you use it right I can’t see it saving my family from having to 100% care for me. Less is more.

  8. Blake says:

    I’ve been alternating Kratom and phenibut. I’m 23 days off suboxone. I only take very small amounts so I still feel some discomfort but can function. I think I’m almost out of the darkest part. So I’m tapering even lower.

  9. Word to the wise says:

    Watch out for this stuff. Not only is it addicting while causing anxiety and depression when coming down off it. It also can make you prone to serious skin infections (bacterial) such as various staph infections. It can do this by some how suppressing your immune system to the point of it not being capable of fighting these infections off as it normally would have no problem doing.

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