What Is The Best Way To Take Phenibut?

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If you are thinking about taking Phenibut, you might be wondering what the best ways to take it are. There are several ways that you can take it, depending upon your personal preference and how much you want to avoid the taste of it. Something else to keep in mind is that the different methods of administration determine how quickly the drug starts working and other things. What all this means is the best way to take Phenibut depends upon how well you can handle it or how quickly you needed to start working. Let’s look at four different ways that you can take Phenibut.

Taking Phenibut with Water

best way to take phenibutSome people just take Phenibut with water. This is usually combined with the powder form of Phenibut. However, what you want to keep in mind when it comes to taking this with water is that it is still going to taste pretty gross. The only way that you can really take it with water and not taste it very much is to put the water in your mouth first and then dump the powder in and swallow it as quickly as you can. If you put the powder in first, you’re probably going to gag because of the bitter taste. If you mix it with water, you really need a whole lot of water and a very small amount of Phenibut.

Taking Phenibut with Juice

One of the better ways to take Phenibut’s with juice. When you take it with juice, you are able to eliminate much of the bitterness. However, do keep in mind that you need to take it with specific types of juice. For example, taking with grapefruit juice rarely works because grapefruit juice is already pretty bitter on its own and adding the Phenibut powder to it just makes it even bitterer. What you need is some kind of juice with a sugar component so that you can counteract the bitterness.

Taking Phenibut Sublingually

Putting Phenibut under the tongue is another way that people take Phenibut. However, this is one of the most extreme ways to take this medication because it is definitely going to taste horrible underneath your tongue as it dissolves. The reason the people take this medication under their tongue is simply because it gets transferred into the blood vessels that are underneath the tongue and starts to work very quickly. But taking this medication sublingually is not for everyone.

Taking Phenibut in Pill or Capsule Form

Something else that people do to combat the bitter taste of Phenibut is to take it in a pill or capsule form. If you take it in a gel capsule, you are barely going to taste it at all. If you take it in pill form, you’re going to taste a little more than the capsule, but still not very much. The difference between pill and capsule form and taking Phenibut powder is that the powder starts working a lot more quickly. With the pill or the gel capsule, you have to wait for the outer layer to dissolve before the medication gets in your bloodstream.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are lots of different ways to take Phenibut. How you take it will depend upon how quickly you want to start working and whether you can handle some of the more terrible tasting ways to use the medication. Most people either stick to adding the powder to juice or taking the gel capsules, but you can decide for yourself how you want to take it.

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